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Social project: “Warmth of Hearts”

December 1, 2011 has started a new phase of social project: “Warmth of Hearts”

Organizers of the project was the company “Eurocar” (www.eurocar.com.ua) together with SKODA dealer network in Ukraine, which is annually supporting Kyiv City Heart Center.

This year the partner of “Warmth of Hearts” also became the company «SuperDeal» with the support of which is planned to raise funds through the implementation of special coupons on partner portal (http://www.superdeal.com.ua/Kiev/ru/do/deal/init/ 7180)

Also within the project: “warmth of hearts” in all regions of Ukraine will sell sky lanterns in the shape of a heart in SKODA dealer network .

All funds will be adressed to the foundation of Hert Center to purchase the oxygenates for operations for children with congenital heart disease from poor families.

Even a small donation can save the life of a little child!



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