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The Heart Institute is a life-giving expertise and innovations

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The first in Ukraine intervention of transcatheter mitral valve replacement has been conducted in the walls of Kyiv Heart Institute

Considering the elevated risks of repeated intervention, a choice towards transcatheter “valve in valve” implantation was made. The intervention was performed with 3D echocardiography assistance by transapical approach, 24,5 MyVal (Meril) valve was implanted and the end result was good.

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A Little Italian Underwent Cardiac Surgery at the Heart Institute

Mattia and his twin sister were born prematurely, at 25 weeks, with extremely low body weight, only 600 grams, and also with a congenital heart defect.

Heart Transplant Saved Life of 20-Year-Old Sofia from Donetsk Region

Despite the war, we do everything possible to give our patients a new life. Tonight, a transplant took place at the Heart Institute – 20-year-old Sofia from the Donetsk region received her new heart after a whole year of waiting.
We are glad to be able to keep the medical front strong.

Remedial Nephrectomy Was Performed at the Heart Institute

A patient from Rivne with a diagnosis of polycystic disease with damage to the kidneys and liver underwent remedial nephrectomy – one of the stages of preparing patients with polycystic kidney disease for transplantation.


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The Heart Institute
is a life-giving expertise and innovations

The Heart Institute is the flagship of Ukrainian cardiology and cardiac surgery, equipped with the latest technology, where the most experienced doctors daily fight for a quality and long life of their patients.

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The Heart Institute
is a life-giving expertise and innovations

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