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Mechanical Heart

Left Ventricular Assistance Device (LVAD) is a tool that is used in cardiac surgery with a view to replace, either partially or entirely, the function of a cardiac ventricle in case of heart failure. Deploying that device is considered to be an interim stage of the cardiac function support on the way to heart transplant.

This is a very “smart” device, which provides a patient with complete circulatory support when the patient’s heart is unable to do so. It is implanted into the patient’s chest and is powered via an electric cable from an external power source. It operates with a battery pack and the control unit, accommodated in a bag, which the patient always has with him/her. The pump and the bag are connected by the means of cable.

Medtronic Heart Ware 2, a new generation mechanical heart, which is one of the most commonly used LVADs in the world, is currently used at the Heart Institute.

Patients return to their normal social life soon after surgery and can perform any types of activities including sports, except for swimming in outdoor water bodies.

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