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Doctors from the Heart Institute participated in the EuroELSO Congress “EuroELSO 2024”

Doctors from the Heart Institute presented our experience in using extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).

For the first time in history Ukraine was represented at the world congress ISHLT 2024

At the congress opening, the director of the Heart Institute, Prof. Borys Todurov, delivered a 30-minute presentation on transplantation during wartime. This opening presentation garnered an extraordinary reaction from the global medical community.

Internship of Heart Institute Doctors in Leading Cardiovascular Clinics in Canada and the USA

At the largest cardiac hospital in Canada, the Toronto General Hospital (Peter Munk Cardiac Center), the training was conducted under the guidance of the legendary cardiac surgeon, Dr. Tyrone David. In the American clinic Cedars-Sinai, the mentor was the brilliant Dr. Joanna Chikwe.

European Heart Rhythm Association Congress

The scientific program included a presentation by staff members from the Functional Diagnostics Department and the Heart Institute focusing on the management of patients with persistent atrial fibrillation episodes.

Internship of the Cardiovascular Surgical Team from Zakarpattia Regional Children’s Hospital at the Heart Institute

Over 5 days, doctors from Zakarpattia enhanced their skills under the guidance of our leading experts.

British Charitable Foundation Together with Ukrainian NGO Donate Unique Equipment to the Heart Institute

The ongoing support from The Eneida Foundation strengthens our medical professionals’ resolve to fight for the health and lives of Ukrainians during these challenging times.

First Ross Procedures in Ternopil

The collaboration between the Heart Institute and the Ternopil Regional Clinical Hospital continues to benefit our cardiac patients. In the Cardiac Surgery Department of the Ternopil Regional Clinical Hospital, cardiac surgeon Prof. Oleksandr Romaniuk from the Heart Institute, along with his team, performed unique Ross procedures.

The Donor’s Heart Traveled Over 300 km

For this transplantation, the donor’s heart traveled a distance of over 300 km, which our team covered in just under 4 hours. In a groundbreaking move for Ukraine, we implemented the new Stanford technique, allowing for extended preservation and transportation time for the donor organ.

Pediatric Heart Consultations for Young Patients in Kherson and Mykolaiv

It is challenging to imagine the difficult conditions under which local medical professionals are currently working. Despite this, they tirelessly save children’s lives every day and, during air raids, guide them to bomb shelters.

Annual Conference on Functional Diagnostics

The main goal of this annual conference was to familiarize practicing physicians with the modern capabilities of functional diagnostic methods in cardiology. Over 600 specialists from various specialties across Ukraine registered to participate in the forum.

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