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The First Heart Transplant in Lutsk

The heart was received by the 49-year-old patient from Mykolaiv who moved to Kiev after the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. He had to leave Kyiv for his new heart, because the donor was in Lutsk, and it was not possible to deliver the donor’s heart from there. So, our brigade drove with the patient all night to get to Lutsk as soon as possible.

Going Home with Heart Transplant Following Mechanical Heart Implantation

Mykolai Medvedev is the first patient in Ukraine to undergo both stages of treatment – 1.5 years ago he had a mechanical heart implanted in the Heart Institute, and three weeks ago a donor heart was transplanted to him.

Heartfelt Thanks to Getinge Polska

Thanks to Getinge, the Department of Cardiac Extracorporeal Therapies of the Heart Institute received supplies for artificial circulation during cardiac surgery and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Kidney Transplantation Started in the Heart Institute

Today was a significant event – for the first time at the Heart Institute, a family kidney transplant was performed: a mother donated a kidney to her 37-year-old son, who had been on dialysis for a long time. At the moment, both mother and son are feeling well, the kidney is working and the patients are undergoing planned postoperative rehabilitation!

Fifth Heart Transplant at the Heart Institute This Year

We continue to save our patients even in times of war.
A new heart beats in the chest of a 49-year-old man from Mariupol, who had suffered from cardiomyopathy in recent years.

Expertise of Ukrainian Cardiac Surgery in Batumi

This visit took place at the invitation of Georgian colleagues and our good friends at the same time.
It was also an additional opportunity to spread information about the war in Ukraine.
The Georgian colleagues understand us better than anyone.
Many thanks to the doctors and the Georgian people for the support

Employees of the Antidrug Department of the National Police of Ukraine Donated Their Blood for Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On June 1, 2022, at the Heart Institute, employees of the Antidrug Department of the National Police of Ukraine joined in rescuing Ukrainian soldiers – those who are defending their native Ukraine from Russian aggression.
Sincere thanks and respect to all who joined this cause.

Two-Day Field Consultation Provided by Specialists of the Heart Institute in Shepetivka and Izyaslav

On the first day, the examination took place on the basis of the Shepetivka Multidisciplinary Hospital of Shepetivka Town Council. About 70 patients, 32 of them children, with cardiovascular pathology, including patients with exacerbation of chronic coronary heart disease, hypertension and congenital heart disease, were consulted…

For the first time in Ukraine, Heart Transplantation for Patients with Implanted Mechanical Heart

For the first time in Ukraine, Prof. Borys Todurov and a team of doctors from the Heart Institute performed two heart transplants on patients aged 39 and 67 who had mechanical hearts implanted about two years ago.

Specialists of the Heart Institute Provided an On-site Consultation in Irpin and Bucha of Kyiv Region

On the basis of the Central Polyclinic in Irpin and the Bucha Center of Primary Health Care, consultative and diagnostic care was provided to 100 adult patients and 16 children with heart defects and cardiovascular diseases, several patients were advised for cardiac surgery.

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