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Sviatoslav Nimchuk at the Examination After Heart Transplant

May 18, 2021
Sviatoslav Nimchuk from Kyiv who had a heart transplant a little over a year ago visited the Heart Institute for another examination.
Cardiologist of the Organ Transplant Department Anna Melnyk and Head of the Department Gavrylo Kovtun testified that the heart works well while the patient himself talks about his excellent health and quality of life.

Implantation of the Evolut R 34 Valve

April 28, 2021
A team of doctors of the Heart Institute implanted an Evolut R valve in an 83-year-old patient with critical aortic stenosis and a gradient on the valve of 120 mm Hg. This is the largest size of prosthesis that currently exists.

Stratifying Aneurysm of the Thoracic Aorta, Type B

April 21, 2021
A hybrid surgery was performed at the Heart Institute on a patient with acute thoracic aortic dissection. The peculiarity of this pathology was that in this case the bleeding from a ruptured aorta had evolved.

Doctors of the Heart Institute Performed Surgeries on Children in Dnipro

April 9, 2021
The team of the Children’s Department of the Heart Institute within the framework of the Healthy Ukraine program visited the city of Dnipro and performed two complex operations. The patients were 2 girls aged 1.5 and 1.8 years diagnosed with Tetrad Fallot and atrial and interventricular septal defects.

TAVI Performed on 80-Year-Old Patient after COVID-19

April 7, 2021
3 days after the negative PCR test, the patient was admitted to the intensive care unit with deterioration. Therefore, it was decided to immediately perform transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) with implanted valve Evolut R 29.

IX Conference on Functional Diagnostics of Cardiovascular Diseases”

March 19, 2021
The main purpose of this annual conference was to acquaint practitioners with the modern capabilities of methods of functional diagnostics, to discuss the state of preparation of methodological and regulatory documents. More than 2,500 doctors from all regions of Ukraine have pre-registered to participate in the forum

Conference on Successes and Current Issues of Organ Transplantation and Donation in Ukraine

March 18, 2021
The conference was extremely rich and productive. Over the past year, significant progress has been made in Ukrainian transplantology and one of the topical issues highlighted by the conference is the creation of a full-fledged, civilized transplant system.

Heart Transplantation in Zaporozhye

March 17, 2021
A 38-year-old man had a heart transplant last night in Zaporizhia. As of to date, the patient was taken by helicopter from Zaporizhia to the Heart Institute to the intensive care unit (headed by Ihor Kuzmych) for nursing. The patient is stable.

Vaccination at the Heart Institute

March 15, 2021
The health of all employees of the Heart Institute is important because to better help patients the clinic staff must be healthy.
Today, the first 64 of our employees of the Institute were vaccinated.

“Gathering of People with Transplanted Organs” Took Place in Lviv

March 12, 2021
On March 12, 2021, an extremely important and cordial event took place in Lviv – “Gathering of people with transplanted organs.” This event brought together the people who have created a new history of Ukrainian transplantology over the past year. 14 out of 40 patients who got a chance to survive were able to attend the event and tell their stories.

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