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15th Anniversary of the Heart Institute

The birthday of the Heart Institute means 15 years of continuous development, new experience, and innovative opportunities for the sake of saving the lives of our citizens!

A Child After Heart Surgery During Blackout

This is how well 14-year-old David looks and feels, whom Prof. Borys Todurov operated on for the first time 5 years ago, performing an extremely complex operation on a child’s heart, and now having operated on the boy for the second time. This was the same heart surgery during which, resulting from the Russian shelling, the light in the operating room went out for a while.

Online Conference “Cardiosurgical Aspects in Doctor’s Practice”

Actual approaches in methods of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, in accordance with international standards, allow for saving the lives of thousands of Ukrainians.

Heart Surgery During Blackout at the Heart Institute

Today’s rocket attack on Kyiv, November 23, 2022, took several lives of Kyivites and plunged the city into darkness and cold. It was at this moment that 14-year-old David underwent heart surgery. We will hold our medical front until our victory.

Leading Cardiac Surgeons of the Heart Institute Attended the 17th Congress of the Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery

Turkish cardiac surgery occupies a high position at the world level, and we are proud that the experience of treating pulmonary embolism and neocuspidization of the aortic valve by our cardiac surgeons has attracted the interest of foreign colleagues.

XIV Conference “Days of Arrhythmology in Kyiv”

The conference’s success testifies to the extremely active work and cohesion of arrhythmological centers in Ukraine in the implementation of the latest approaches to the diagnostics and treatment of arrhythmias and heart blocks, the training of specialists in electrophysiology of the heart, continuous professional development of cardiologists and doctors of related specialties.

Izyum. Assistance of Specialists of the Heart Institute to Residents After De-Occupation

What was seen was shocking: a destroyed hospital in a destroyed city, dozens of patients needing immediate treatment because they had not received cardiac support for almost a year. We hold the medical front to help those who need our support.

Cryoablation From Now On at the Heart Institute

Despite the continuation of military operations on Ukraine’s territory, the Heart Institute surgeons continue to provide medical care to patients with rhythm disorders according to the highest international standards.

The first in Ukraine intervention of transcatheter mitral valve replacement has been conducted in the walls of Kyiv Heart Institute

Considering the elevated risks of repeated intervention, a choice towards transcatheter “valve in valve” implantation was made. The intervention was performed with 3D echocardiography assistance by transapical approach, 24,5 MyVal (Meril) valve was implanted and the end result was good.

Team of the Heart Institute Became a Laureate of the Medal Named After Prof. Zbignev Religa

On November 4, 2022, the 30th-anniversary concert “Heart for Heart” was held in the Polish city of Zabrze, which was organized by the Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery named after Prof. Zbigniew Religa and was held under the honorary patronage of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda. As part of the concert, awards were presented for a special contribution to the development of cardiac surgery.

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