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Project “I Am a Living Person”

Olga Marintseva, the author of the project, shared her dream with us. She wanted to tell everyone that doctors, medical workers, nurses, orderlies, although hidden by several layers of protection, are also Living People with human emotions, so they pass their work through the heart.

TAVI and 2-Сhamber Pacemaker for an 81-Year-Old Patient

An 81-year-old patient with critical aortic stenosis recently applied to the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. However, an arrhythmia was also detected.

Motivational Lecture by Prof. Borys Todurov at Kyiv Medical University

Young doctors are our future, and it is necessary to invest in the future, especially knowledge. That is why Prof. Borys Todurov is doing everything possible to share his professional skills with the younger generation of doctors.

Heart Surgery for a Baby of a Couple from France

Recently, doctors at the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine saved the life of a little French citizen who was only two days old. The girl had a rare pathology – transposition of the main vessels and a ventricular septal defect (dTMA + VSD).

Online Webinar on Modern Aspects of Thrombosis and Embolism Prevention

The purpose of the three-hour multidisciplinary webinar was to acquaint physicians of various specialties with changes in approaches to the stratification of the risk of thromboembolic complications and antithrombotic therapy in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Implantation of a Micra Miniature Pacemaker in a Patient with Heart Failure

Recently, at the Heart Institute, another implantation of a Micra miniature pacemaker by Medtronic was performed.
The operation was performed by the Head of the Department of Cardiac Arrhythmias, interventional arrhythmologist Oleksandr Gritsay. He is the only doctor in Ukraine who performs these operations.
A total of 15 such devices have been implanted at the Heart Institute.

“Healthy Ukraine” Program – Voznesensk

Recently, as part of our Healthy Ukraine program, doctors from the Heart Institute – cardiac surgeon Yuriy Kharenko and functional diagnostics specialist Kristina Monastyrskaya – visited the Voznesensk City Center for Primary Health Care. 30 patients, 7 of them came from Mykolayiv, were examined and consulted.

Visit of Doctors of the Heart Institute to Sumy

On June 10, 2021, a team of doctors from the Heart Institute visited Sumy for a consultative examination and consultations with residents of the city and region. Our doctors examined about 100 patients, both adults and children. The trip was organized with the assistance of the NGO “Oleksandr Yemets Charitable Foundation”.

Heart Transplant for Yuri Goryachy

Last night, on June 8, 2021, at the Heart Institute another transplant took place for our 60-year-old patient Yuriy Goryachy from the Vinnytsia region, otherwise, his life was in danger. 5 years ago Yuriy suffered a heart attack, stenting, and eventually implantation of a pacemaker.
Our patient received a new heart and a new life.

“Healthy Ukraine” Program – Mariupol

As part of the Healthy Ukraine program, doctors from the Heart Institute visited Mariupol. Vasyl Karpenko, the head of the neonatal cardiac surgery department, and Olena Guryna, a cardiologist, examined about 40 children on the basis of the Child and Women’s Health Clinic, many of whom needed surgery.

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