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Transplantation in Lutsk

December 21 is the birthday of the Heart Institute. And the best gift on our solemn day is to be able to give a chance for life.

5th International Conference on Transplant Coordination in Istanbul

The main topics covered in the course are the basics of transplant coordination, transplantation, and educational work with the population regarding donation issues, i.e. organ donation after death, to save other people.

Transplantologists from the Heart Institute Visited a Student Research Group on Surgery

Gavryl Kovtun’s speech about the lives of our patients who underwent transplants caused a lot of emotions among the students. We are glad that young people are showing more and more interest in transplantology and are ready to devote their lives to this work.

Internship of Cardiac Surgeons of the Heart Institute in Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic

During the internship, our specialists took part in daily operations and gained valuable experience in performing minimally invasive interventions.
They had the opportunity to take part in operations on the internal thoracic artery and mitral valve plastic surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System robot.

The First Heart Transplant in Kropivnytskyi

A 58-year-old man from the Kyiv region, who suffered from ischemic cardiomyopathy, received a new organ. The patient fought for his life for more than a year, suffered several heart attacks, and was stented. But the condition kept getting worse.

The Heart Institute Team is Always Ready to Gain New Knowledge

Our team has undergone important training in echocardiography, endovascular methods of prosthetic valve replacement (TAVI) and mitral insufficiency correction (mitral clip), implantation of the most modern devices to support ventricles in patients with heart failure (Impella) and participated in the newest methods of aortic pathology correction (Exovasc), heart and liver transplants.

Professional School “Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases”

Development of an interesting and at the same time compact program of the school became possible thanks to the involvement of heads of departments, leading specialists of the Heart Institute and departments of the Shupyk National Healthcare University.  The attendees highly appreciated the scientific content of the school, as well as the specially prepared original testing program.

Thematic School on Ischemic Heart Disease

The main goal of the event was to discuss controversial aspects of the management of patients with coronary heart disease, in particular, determining indications for coronary angiography and revascularization interventions. The seminar was registered by the Testing Center at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as an event for the continuous professional development of doctors.

Defense of the Thesis of Graduate Student of the Department of Functional Diagnostics

The novelty of the work was in the study of a special category of patients with episodes of atrial fibrillation lasting more than three months, for whom late seeking medical help and the formation of “tachycardiomyopathy” are characteristic. Following a detailed discussion of the results of the work, Yaroslav Skibchyk was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the scientific specialty Cardiology.

Internship of Doctors of the Heart Institute Under the Medevac Program

During the internship, our specialists gained invaluable experience in conducting heart transplants and mini-access operations. Transesophageal echocardiography skills have been improved before and during operations, which will enrich the practice and improve outcomes.

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