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Irpin branch of the State Institution “Ukrainian Health Ministry Heart Institute”

About the branch

In the city of Irpin near the park “Central” on 8 hectares of natural forest located the rehabilitation unit – Irpin branch of the State Institution “Ukrainian Health Ministry Heart Institute” ( former Ukrainian Health Ministry sanatorium “Irpin”).

A large space of comfort and serenity is created for qualitative treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

Pine forest, historic architectural buildings, park area with pathways, benches, green lawns with flowers are part of the therapy for patients, which are combined with professional medical and rehabilitation care of the center.

Also, the rehabilitation unit have free 24/7 parking.

We are waiting for you!


The Admission Department

Our rehabilitation unit is always ready to receive patients after severe heart surgery and additional treatment as part of preoperative preparation. The professional team of doctors and nurses will be happy to provide you with the necessary medical care so that you can recover as soon as possible after surgery or prepare properly for it.

Cardiology Departments

The First Cardiology Department
Head of the department – Liudmyla Usata
Head nurse of the department – Viktoriia Matviiva

The Second Cardiology Department
Head of the department – Oksana Voloshyna
Head nurse of the department –Hanna Raksha

The Third Cardiology Department
Head of the department – Mariia Rud
Head nurse of the department – Raisa Mykytiuk

In the cardiology departments the Irpin branch of the Heart Institute admits patients who have undergone surgery and need further rehabilitation and recovery, as well as patients who need additional treatment and diagnosis before heart surgery.

We accept patients for 7-10 days after the following heart surgeries:

  • reconstructive surgeries on the heart valves;
  • heart valve prosthesis surgery;
  • surgical treatment of coronary heart disease: endovascular interventions on the heart and main vessels, coronary artery bypass grafting;
  • surgical treatment of cardiac arrhythmias: catheter ablation of additional conduction pathways, electropulse treatment, artificial pacemaker, etc .;
  • surgical removal of heart tumors;
  • surgical correction of congenital heart defects in adults;
  • pericardial surgery;
  • operations on the aorta and main vessels;
  • surgical treatment of myocardial pathology;
  • surgical treatment of infectious endocarditis.

We accept patients for preoperative preparation:

  • treatment of circulatory failure I-IIB degrees;
  • treatment of hypertension I-III degrees;
  • treatment of exacerbation of chronic rheumatic heart disease;
  • treatment of angina I-III functional class.

We accept patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system and concomitant pathology in order to determine the indications for further surgery:

  • coronary heart disease;
  • hypertension;
  • heart defects;
  • myocardial pathology;
  • other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Clinical-diagnostic laboratory

Our own clinical-diagnostic laboratory of the Irpin branch of the State Institution “Ukrainian Health Ministry Heart Institute” allows our patients to perform the necessary tests in a timely manner, to understand their condition and its dynamics.

Clinical-diagnostic laboratory is equipped with modern certified laboratory equipment.

We conduct:

  • general clinical research
  • biochemical research
  • hematological research.

Clinical-diagnostic laboratory of the Irpin branch of the State Institution “Ukrainian Health Ministry Heart Institute” regularly participates in the state program on interlaboratory quality control of research.

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Serhii Krasnianskyy
+380 44 39-01-835

CEO reception:
+380 45 97-67-461

Medical deputy CEO
Vladyslav Shkolnykov
+380 44 39-01-724
Registration on hospitaliztion is as follows:
Mon-Fri 10.00 – 15.00

Technical deputy CEO
Valerii Kirichev
+380 44 39-01-713

The Admission Department

+380 45 97-63-512

Cardiology departments

The First Cardiology Department
Nursing Post +380 45 97 67 562

The Second Cardiology Department

Nursing Post +380 44 39-01-715

The Third Cardiology Department
Nursing Post +380 44 39-01-786

Doctor on duty +380 44 39-01-715

For information +380 44 39-01-724

List of documents required for hospitalization of patients:

  • digital (or paper) referral for hospitalization from attending cardiologist, family doctor or district physician-therapist on paper (required);
  • outpatient card (if available);
  • identity document that proofs citizenship;
  • complete blood count, urine analysis, blood biochemistry: glucose, bilirubin, lipid profile, ALT (Alanine aminotransferase), AST (Aspartate aminotransferase), creatinine, urea (if possible).


In order to prevent outbreaks of COVID-19 in the Branch, patients must have the following additional examinations during hospitalization: 

  • Negative PCR test for COVID-19 (the test result is valid for 72 hours from its issuance; the test result must have the name and seal of the laboratory performed the test);
  • either a negative rapid test for COVID-19 antigen or a negative COVID-19 ELISA (Ig M) by quantitative method (test results are valid for 48 hours from the date of issue; test results must be named and stamped by the laboratory that performed the tests).

08205, Kyiv oblast, Irpin, Pushkinska street, 31


From “Akademmistechko” metro station:

Bus number 379 (to “Chekhova Street” stop), or bus number 422 (to “Sanatorium Irpin” stop).

From “Irpin” railway station:

Bus number 7 (to “Sanatorium Irpin” stop).


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