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Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit is designed for 18 intensive care units and provides round-the-clock care to cardiac and cardiac surgery patients of all ages.

Thanks to the most modern and high-tech equipment, patients admitted to the intensive care unit after surgery on the heart and blood vessels are provided with full monitoring of vital functions, rapid laboratory diagnosis and quality treatment according to clinical protocols, which are based on the standards of medical care in pediatric cardiac surgery and intensive care of the world’s leading clinics. We also have extensive experience in managing children with congenital heart defects and associated extracardiac developmental abnormalities and genetic syndromes.

Our department provides preparation and postoperative management of children in need of planned and urgent diagnostic and therapeutic X-ray endovascular interventions, including operations such as closure of heart defects by occluders, vascular stenting, and implantation of artificial heart rate drivers.

We have experienced specialists (neonatologists, anesthesiologists) for treatment of preterm and low birth weight infants with critical congenital heart defects, that require urgent, highly qualified care. For extremely preterm infants, we have a specialized resuscitation complex, which combines the characteristics of an incubator and an open resuscitation system with heating. Having a separate surgery room with all the necessary anesthesia equipment allows to perform vascular surgery in premature infants in the Intensive Care Unit and minimize the complications associated with temperature disorders during transportation of this category of patients.

We also have a mobile intensive care ambulance equipped with a modern closed transport incubator with the ability to support artificial lung ventilation for newborns and preterm infants with critically low body weight.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Intensive Care Unit with the Artificial Blood Transfusion Department and Extracorporal Treatment of our Institute, we have the opportunity of Extracorporeal life support (ECLS) of patients with severe cardiovascular and respiratory failure. We also have wealth experience in complex treatment of patients with cardiomyopathy, using modern drug regimens, combining them with the methods of efferent therapy (cascade plasma filtration and immunoadsorption).

An experienced, dedicated team of doctors has all the modern methods of intensive care and anesthesia, constantly improving their professional level participating in scientific and practical seminars and conferences.

Dear parents, we fully understand how priceless each baby is to you, and how incredible stressed you are during child’s heart surgery. The work of the unit’s staff is aimed at ensuring maximum safety, physical and psychological comfort of your child. We are ready to answer all your questions and create conditions for you to visit your baby as soon as possible after the surgery, and in special cases – the joint stay of the child and parents in the intensive care unit. Care for young patients is based on the principle of “one child – one nurse”. Our caring and attentive nurses will also help parents adjust and learn to care for their baby after surgery.

Advantages of the Unit

Simultaneous surgeries on children with multiple congenital defects

Highly qualified prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart defects in the fetus from 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Providing emergency cardiac surgery to premature babies with extremely low body weight

Consultations in maternity hospitals of Kiev

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