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Intensive Care for Adults

Intensive care unit has 24 beds and provides around-the-clock care for patients of the «Heart Centre», whose health is fragile, high-risk unstable or stable heavy.

ICU resolves such tasks:

  • Intensive care of patients after open heart surgery under cardiopulmonary bypass;
  • Treatment of patients with concomitant cardiac pathology in the early postoperative period after major traumatic and no cardiac surgery;
  • Preoperative treatment of patients in critical conditions, in order to stabilize the vital organs and systems;
  • Round-the-clock reception in emergency procedure in patients with acute coronary syndrome, pulmonary embolism, acute heart failure, etc.;
  • Qualified treatment of complications and comorbidities;
  • Consultative care to the surgical departments of “Heart Center ” and any medical institutions in Ukraine;
  • Providing transportation of patients in need of emergency assistance in the  “Heart Center “, Ukraine.

To perform the above tasks Department staffed by qualified medical personnel and modern medical facilities and equipment. Intensive therapy for adults is located next to the operating unit, the Department of interventional cardiology. We can quickly respond to urgent calls from other departments and, if necessary, to arrive to assist in any division of the Center for 2-3 minutes. Latest stationary and mobile equipment of ICU meet international standards, performs to monitor the status of patients, to support functions of vital organs and systems.

We use:

  • Ventilators «Maquet» and «Galileo» with new modes of controlled (CV) and assisted ventilation (AV) with the possibility of intelligent modes (such as ASV). Ventilators can be used as invasive and non-invasive ventilation techniques;
  • Monitoring systems «Philips MR70″ to provide detailed monitoring of vital signs of patients and evaluation the parameters of central hemodynamics with a catheter in the pulmonary artery, which allows you to instantly react to any deviation by drug therapy;
  • Defibrillators with biphasic impulse configuration prevent damage of the heart by electric shock during the resuscitation and cardioversion;
  • Automatic infusion pumps allow programming the rate of administration and dosage of drugs with high-precision;
  • Available current diagnostic tools to perform diagnostic search around the clock (ECHO cardiographs, radiological monitoring tools, endoscopic equipment);
  • Intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation devices as a faciities of mechanical augmentation of coronary blood flow in patients with acute coronary syndrome, or for control of low cardiac output syndrome in acute heart failure of various origins;
  • Pacemakers, allowing temporarily impose heart rate during the development of acute arrhythmias with implanted endo- or epicardial electrodes using new pacing modes;
  • Dialysis equipment, which is used for renal replacement therapy of chronic or acute renal failure;
  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine, which is used to treat patients with critical respiratory failure, which is not compensated by the conventional methods.

Doctors monitor the latest developments and the introduction of new technologies in the treatment of critically ill patients. They monitor and analyze foreign periodicals in anesthesiology and intensive care.

Unit staff support of relatives and family members and provides them with reliable information on the state of the patient during treatment, the development of complications, etc. throughout the period of stay in intensive care, advises on the recommended mode of patient visits in the department and its activities.

Our standards of care are based on European and U.S. clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. If necessary, narrow specialists are invited from leading specialized medical institutions to provide consultative help.

We are working to save your life at any cost!

Hour phone the doctor on duty:
+380 (44) 291 59 87

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