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Mini pacemaker

Implantation of the miniaturized Micra transcatheter pacing system.

One more procedure of inserting the leadless pacemaker Micra has been recently done at Kyiv Heart Institute.

The operation has been performed by the Chief of Cardiac Arrhythmias Department, Cardiac Electrophysiologist – Dr. Oleksandr Grytsay.

Today, Dr. Grytsay is the single professional licensed doctor in Ukraine, who does such type of operation in our country.

In general, 18 such devices have been implanted by this time in Ukraine.

62-year-old patient with the feeling of stopping heartbeat during nighttime has asked our specialists for help. As a result, after all the diagnostic procedures the diagnosis of a persistent third-degree atrioventricular block (complete block) was established. This patient’s condition required the pacemaker, a small electronic device, that sends electrical impulses to the heart muscle to keep the suitable heart rate and rhythm.

Easy and common approach for pacemaker implantation was impossible because of the patient’s vein anatomy. Subclavian veins were found to be bilaterally stenosed, precluding the surgeon to deliver the electrode to the heart.

The severity of our patient`s condition required the specialists to find alternative way immediately.

There were two options:

The last option turned out to be the best.

The patient has agreed to this plan and had been performed this procedure.

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