консультація для дорослих
пн-пт: 8:30-15:30

консультація для дітей
пн-пт: 8:30-15:30

вул. Братиславська, 5а,
м. Київ, 02166

Visit to Mariupol

August 21, 2012 Chief cardiac surgeon of MOH of Ukraine Prof. Boris Todurov accompanied by two teams of specialists (for adults and for children ) visited Mariupol.

Children’s cardiologist and cardiac surgeon using modern portable ultrasound device have consulted about 40 children with congenital heart disease at the Children’s Hospital. Meanwhile, a second team of professionals equipped with a second portable ultrasound devise has consulted 38 adult patients at the Cardiology Clinic.

Prof. Boris Todurov gave a lecture: “Modern possibilities of endovascular methods of diagnosis and treatment”. Doctors from various specialities attended this event.



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