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Presentation of a new method for early diagnosis of renal toxicity

On the 21st of June conference on “Early diagnosis of renal toxicity” was held at the Heart Institute.

For the first time in Ukraine new methods for early diagnosis of renal disease on the basis of the Heart Institute were presented. This will allow for control of the state of the kidneys for successful heart surgery and subsequent rehabilitation.
The opening remarks on the relevance of the problem of renal failure and informativeness of modern laboratory methods for diagnosis was made by a head of the department of functional diagnostics of NMAPE professor Oleg Zharinov. The speech was continued by the President of the All-Ukrainian Council of Protection of Rights and safety of the patient V.G. Serdyuk who reported on the advisability of appointing a group of patients having the risk of laboratory tests NAG, NGAL, Cystatin C.
More about the importance and application in practice of laboratory researches of NAG, NGAL, Cystatin C was said in a report of assistant professor of clinical laboratory diagnostics L.V. Vyunitskaya.
L. L. Krasovskaya, physician assistant of Heart Institute provided the statistical data of patients diagnosed with renal failure which were collected during several months of use of these tests.
These laboratory tests are very important and indicative for the detection of early renal failure in patients with diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, pregnant women, children with renal pathology.
All of the mentioned researches are conducted by the laboratory of Heart Institute.

The conference was attended by doctors of different specialties: nephrologists, gynecologists, pediatricians. Also, laboratory assistants, also heads of laboratories from other medical institutions of Kyiv were invited.

The conference was attended by V.A. Saganenko, director of “OMB” company, in which the laboratory of Heart Institute orders reagents for the determination of these important and demonstration tests.
At the moment the studies (NAG, NGAL) are held only in the laboratory of the Herat Institute.


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