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I would like to thank on this page to the department “Alfa Medica” and Нeart institute

I would like to thank on this page to the department “Alfa Medica” and Нeart institute.

I am a German citizen and for many years, often in Kiev. In November 2014 I got here in Kiev a heart attack and was taken to the Нeart institute to “Alfa Medica”.

I immediately got all the necessary medical measures, emergency care, intensive care, further treatments at the station and therapies.

Dealing with all the staff at the clinic was at all times very pleasant and helpful in all matters.

I felt well treated and professionally me at any time, the discipline and professional skills of all doctors, ICU staff, therapists, nurses and the service staff were amazing and gave me the security for quick healing. So I was able to leave the clinic the end of December 2014 and again begin my journey home in January 2015.

But I would like to thank you again at this point, at Julia who stood by me in the individual healing processes to help.

So I can give any future patients only a good recommendation to seek treatment here, also prevention and therapies are here highly recommended. The clinic “Alfa Medica” has also numerous outpatient specialists in almost all areas of medicine as it is guaranteed an all-around good medical care.

All sick I wish a speedy and complete recovery,

All employees in the hospital, I would say keep it up!

Lutz Prochaska

Leipzig / Germany


sait 26-12-14 Немец Lutz 09

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