Head of department Alexandr Druzhina

Specialty “Anesthesiology and Intensive Care”.

From 1999 to 2008 – National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after Amosov, department of anesthesiology and intensive care (from 2005 – senior research fellow of department).

Since 2008 Heart Institute, Kyiv,  head of the Unit of the intensive care, cardiopulmonary bypass and extracorporeal methods of treatment.
Co-director of extracorporeal life support programme (ECMO center).

Author of 78 scientific papers and 7 patents of inventions.

Winner of “Pride of country award 2009”.

Head of department

Anesthesiologist of the highest category

Is a full member of the World Organization for Extracorporeal Life Support (ELSO), as well as a participant in the European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion.

In 2001 she graduated from Vinnytsia State Medical University. E. Pirogov, majoring in “Medical Affairs”.

In 2001-2003 she passed an internship in “Anesthesiology” on the basis of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after PL Shupyk.

In 2019 she received a diploma of the European standard issued by the European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (EBCP)


2003 – 2008 doctor-anesthesiologist of the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Artificial Circulation of the Shalimov National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

2008 – 2016 doctor-anesthesiologist of the department of artificial blood circulation and extracorporeal methods of treatment of the State Institution “Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”.

Since 2016 – Head of the Department of Artificial Circulation and Extracorporeal Methods of Treatment of the State Institution “Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”.

Has techniques:

Providing artificial blood circulation during cardiac surgery of any level of complexity in adults and children.

Extracorporeal life support (ECMO) in patients with severe cardiovascular and respiratory failure.

Extracorporeal methods of hemocorrection (ultrafiltration, hemodialysis, cascade plasmapheresis, hemodiafiltration).




Anesthesiologist, PhD