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Year After Surgery, the First Child with Heart Transplant in Ukraine


A unique, historic event for heart transplantation in Ukraine took place a year ago! Then the first heart transplant for a child in Ukraine was performed.
For us, this is a huge achievement because now Ukrainians, regardless of age, can receive help at the highest medical level in their native country.

The boy in the photo is called Maksym, he is 14 years old. Today,  he came to Kyiv with his mother for a routine check-up, as the family lives in the Volyn region of Ukraine. So far, everything is fine, no concern from the doctors. But a year ago, a terrible diagnosis did not give Maksym any chance for life. The only chance for salvation was a heart transplant…
The operation in Lviv was performed by Prof. Borys Todurov and cardiac surgeon Gavryl Kovtun with a team of doctors from the Heart Institute and colleagues from the Clinical Emergency Medical Hospital of the city of Lviv (currently the First Medical Association of Lviv, director Oleg Samchuk).
Thanks to their hard work, Ukrainian transplantology reached a new level, which is confirmed by dozens of saved lives.

Today, Maksym’s mother, Mrs. Tatyana, told us that the boy has been leading an active and full life of an ordinary teenager for a long time. He even does sports. And he is also thinking about choosing a future profession and does not rule out that he will become…a doctor!
We, the entire team of the Heart Institute, are sincerely happy and wish our patient and his family good health.
We are proud of our doctors!
On the picture:
Anna Melnyk (central photo) is a cardiologist, Nataliya Ponich Horobievska (photo on the right)  is a specialist in ultrasound diagnostics.

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