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Professor Borys Todurov Participated in Presentation of New Book on Donation


On February 13, 2020, Director of the Heart Institute, Professor Borys Todurov, participated in the presentation of the book “Instruction for a Secondary Heart” by Tamsyn Murray (Artbooks publishing house) at the Novopechersk School of Kyiv for students of 9-11 grades. Actually, the presentation of the book on love and transplantation began at the Heart Institute. And the first one was received by 16-year-old Zhenya, who is awaiting a donor heart (at the age of seven the boy lost his dad who couldn’t get a donor heart he needed) in the walls of the clinic.

“The purpose of the event was to promote transplantation and organ donation among society in simple and understandable words – through literature, because it is very important to talk to society about this socially important topic, which, unfortunately, still has a low level of trust in Ukraine,” stated the organizers of the event, which became the public organization “All-Ukrainian Donation Platform iDonor and the publishing house Artbooks, while the event itself was timed to February 14 – Valentine’s Day and International Book Donation Day. The event was moderated by well-known journalist Iryna Zaslavets, founder of the All-Ukrainian Donation Platform iDonor.

Speaking to the youth audience, Professor Borys Todurov said, “… Why are we talking about this? To have your own opinion, your own civic position … For example, a transplant promotion program in America starts from kindergarten when children are not yet able to read … If we do not promote donation, tell people what the process is, why it is needed, then, unfortunately, the donation will not work. ”
At the end of the presentation, everyone in attendance was able to sign a valentine card for the boy, Zhenya, who is currently awaiting a heart transplant at the Heart Institute. On February 14, Professor Borys Todurov is personally handing him the greetings and wishes.

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