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First Ross Procedures in Ternopil


The collaboration between the Heart Institute and the Ternopil Regional Clinical Hospital continues to benefit our cardiac patients.

In the Cardiac Surgery Department of the Ternopil Regional Clinical Hospital, cardiac surgeon Prof. Oleksandr Romaniuk from the Heart Institute, along with his team, performed unique Ross procedures. We previously discussed this technique in a video featuring Vasyl, a brave Ukrainian soldier whose life has been enriched by this correction method, allowing him to lead a full life while defending us and our borders.

“Since the beginning of this year, we have performed three such procedures, while the first one was performed in December of last year. The Ross procedure serves as an alternative to aortic valve replacement with mechanical prostheses. It does not require lifelong anticoagulant therapy and provides a full, high-quality life. When our patients learn about this option, they often choose the Ross procedure,” says Dr. Volodymyr Moroz, Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery and Transplantology at the Ternopil Regional Clinical Hospital.

“The team is fantastic—enthusiastic, progressive, and highly professional. With such specialists, any complex surgery becomes manageable, and the Ross procedure, despite its technical challenges, is performed smoothly and without complications,” Prof. Oleksandr Romaniuk adds.

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