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Visit of Doctors of the Heart Institute to Sumy


On June 10, 2021, a team of doctors from the Heart Institute visited Sumy for a consultative examination and consultations with residents of the city and region. Our doctors examined about 100 patients, both adults and children. The trip was organized with the assistance of the NGO “Oleksandr Yemets Charitable Foundation”. And we are very grateful to them, as well as to the host hospitals for their cooperation!

Children (including children from the Orphanage) with the pathology of the cardiovascular system were examined by our doctors – Volodymyr Vashkeba, Iryna Galamai, Oksana Adamenko – on the basis of the Children’s Clinical Hospital of St. Zinaida. Many patients were diagnosed with congenital malformations and dysplastic changes in the structures of the heart. Five children with complex congenital heart defects were sent for surgical treatment to the Heart Institute, Kyiv. The rest received qualified advice on further observation and treatment.

For adult patients with various cardiac pathologies, consultations were conducted by our doctors Maxym Rotar and Olga Kononenko, this time on the basis of Sumy Regional Clinical Cardiology Dispensary. Unfortunately, the situation was similar among adult patients as most of them required surgery.
The trip turned out to be very productive, Olga Kononenko even managed to hold a master class on valvular heart defects for the doctors of the dispensary.

These visits of leading cardiologists and cardiac surgeons of the country to different cities for examinations, consultations, and knowledge exchange is a really good tradition!

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