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TAVI and 2-Сhamber Pacemaker for an 81-Year-Old Patient


An 81-year-old patient with critical aortic stenosis recently was delivered to the Heart Institute. This heart defect is one of the most dangerous, disrupting blood circulation and reducing blood flow from the left ventricle to the aorta. Gradually, this leads to various life-threatening clinical manifestations.
At the same time, an arrhythmia was detected – a violation of the conduction of the heart pulse in the form of atrioventricular block of 2-3 degrees, which required the implantation of a permanent artificial pacemaker.

A decision was made to prioritize transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI): the Evolut R 29 (Medtronic) valve was implanted. This operation is indicated for patients for whom for some reason an open-heart surgery can not be performed.
The intervention was performed by a team of doctors: Andriy Khokhlov, Oleg Zelenchuk, Mykola Stan, Yana Antonyuk, Serhiy Sudakevich, Natalia Ponych-Gorobievska, Yulia Motko, Tetyana Kasapova, Olena Kobzeva, Anna Haivoronskaya.

On the 2nd day after the valve was replaced by doctors Oleksandr Hrytsai and Yevheniy Zhytynsky, the patient was implanted with a two-chamber pacemaker. On the seventh day, the patient was discharged home.

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