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International Conference “Actual Problems of Diagnostics and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases”


On September 6-7, 2018, the International Conference “Actual Problems of Diagnostics and Treatment of Cerebrovascular Diseases” was held in Odessa, in the multidisciplinary private clinic Medical Hub Odrex, where new technologies of treatment in cardiac surgery and X-ray endovascular surgery were discussed. Medical Hub Odrex, as organizers of the conference, attracted speakers from Ukraine, the USA, Italy, and Belarus and prepared a rich program for participants.

Specialists of the Heart Institute also shared their experience. For instance, the participants of the conference were able to see in real time how the Ozaki Procedure was conducted in Odessa, by the General Director of the Heart Institute (Kyiv), Professor, cardiac surgeon Borys Todurov. “The advantage of the method is that Ozaki’s surgery can be used either for the elderly, for children, and for young women who are planning to get pregnant and give birth. This is an absolutely universal way of correcting the aortic valve,” Professor Borys Todurov explained.

Head of the Department of Endovascular Surgery and Angiography of the Heart Institute (Kyiv), MD Andriy Khokhlov made a presentation “TAVI – a modern view of the problem”.

The distinctive feature of the conference was that the participants had the opportunity to work out their skills of intervention on a special simulation device on the example of a virtual patient.

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