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For the First Time, Specialists of the Heart Institute Performed Aortocoronary Bypass in Sumy


Here is our successive small victory, which we hasten to share with you. Aortocoronary bypass surgery was performed for the first time in Sumy.
The 65-year-old patient had a severe diagnosis – ischemic heart disease, stable angina pectoris, and transportation to Kyiv would be a mortal risk. Currently, he is already recovering after the surgery, which passed without complications, and the man’s heart will work fully again. We are sure that for him, this is the beginning of a new, healthy life full of movement, events, and impressions.

Meanwhile, our doctors continue to hold the medical front in different corners of Ukraine, winning new victories in the fight for the healthy hearts of Ukrainians.
Our Sumy colleagues’ close cooperation and trust provide new opportunities for developing cardiac surgery. We thank Denys Ustymenko and our colleagues from the Central City Clinical Hospital of the Sumy City Council.
The team of the Heart Institute:
Gavrylo Kovtun, Anton Shpachuk, Serhiy Sudakevych, Mykola Goncharenko, Oleksandr Revenko, Iryna Grinchenko, Yevgen Boyarchuk.

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