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20-year-old Sofia Received New Healthy Heart!


Today is the International Doctor’s Day.
And today is a double holiday at the Heart Institute because we are sending home our patient Sofia, with a new, healthy heart!

The difficult path of this girl began in 2016 when she was diagnosed with “myocarditis” in her native town of Konstantinovka and began treatment. But it so happened that the girl’s condition worsened, and she was referred to the Heart Institute.
Cardiologists conducted many diagnostic tests, and the only way out was a heart transplant…

Then the war started, and Sofia and her mother were forced to leave for Poland and continue treatment there, but they faced many problems and, not receiving any prospects for treatment, returned to Ukraine.

A miracle happened, Sonya waited for the donor organ, and on September 8, the transplant took place! And today, this young girl with a sweet smile tells us that she is finishing her studies at the University of Economics and shares her plans for the future.

Next to the girl is her mother. The woman, not holding back her tears, thanks the doctors who saved her daughter and gave her a chance for a full life, and we know for sure that everything will be fine with them in the future!
We join the words of gratitude of our patients and want to thank all doctors for their important work and wish them strength and inspiration. Thank you for giving life!

The team of the Heart Institute:
Prof. Borys Todurov, Oleg Loskutov, Anton Shpachuk, Yurii Spirin, Mykola Honcharenko, Stepan Marunyak, Dmytro Loskutov, Diana Kovalenko, Anna Melnyk.

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