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XI Scientific and Practical Conference on Functional Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases


On March 16-17, 2023, the Shupyk National University of Health of Ukraine and the Heart Institute held the 11th registered scientific and practical conference on Functional diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the department of functional diagnostics, outstanding cardiologist and organizer of the cardiology service in Ukraine, professor Mykola Furkalo. The main goal of this annual conference was to acquaint practicing doctors with the modern possibilities of functional diagnostic methods in cardiology. More than 500 doctors from all regions of Ukraine, including experts in cardiology and functional diagnostics, heads and representatives of specialized departments, have pre-registered to participate in the forum. The conference was held in the lecture hall at the Heart Institute with an online broadcast.

The conference was opened with a speech by the General Director of the Heart Institute, the head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, X-ray Endovascular and Extracorporeal Technologies of the National Institute of Health of Ukraine Prof. Borys Todurov. He spoke about innovations in the work of the Institute and the departments located on its base during the last year. Prof. Oleg Zharinov and Associate Professor Viktor Kuts prepared a special report dedicated to the life and professional path of Professor Mykola Furkalo, who worked his way up from a postgraduate student to the Vice-Rector for scientific work (1972-1974) and the Head of the Department of Functional Diagnostics (1979-1992) at the Kyiv Institute for the Advancement of Doctors.

The topics of the conference included modern aspects of electrocardiographic and echocardiographic diagnostics, ultrasound examination of vessels, Holter ECG monitoring, event monitoring, and the use of implanted devices. The most powerful contribution to the implementation of the scientific program was made by the employees of the departments of the University and the Heart Institute (B. Todurov, O. Zharinov, V. Kuts, A. Khokhlov, M. Stan, O. Furkalo, N. Lifantieva, L. Tkachenko, O. Yepanchintseva, Ya. Skibchyk). The conference was attended by leading specialists of the Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology(M. Lutai, Ya. Lutai), Shalimov National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology (S. Furkalo), the Mala Institute of Therapy (S. Serik), adjacent departments of Kharkiv Karazin National University (V. Tseluiko), Danylo Halytsky National Medical University (N. Oryshchyn, M. Sorokivskyi, M. Perepelitsa), Zaporizhia State Medical University (D. Lashkul). The master class on screening and differential diagnosis of atrial tachyarrhythmias, reports devoted to the features of the ECG in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, limitations of echocardiographic evaluation of the left ventricular ejection fraction, and the use of functional diagnostic methods in venous thrombosis and thromboembolism attracted considerable attention of the audience. During the conference, the heads of specialized departments exchanged their experience and informed the audience about new opportunities for post-graduate training of doctors in functional diagnostics.

The conference was an important step for strengthening the community of specialized departments and continuous professional development of doctors who deal with various aspects of functional diagnostics in cardiology. Conference participants will receive certificates in accordance with the requirements of the Testing Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. A video recording of the conference will be available for viewing on the YouTube platform during the week.

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