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Welcoming Spring with New Experience and Knowledge


The team of physicians from the Heart Institute, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, has returned from another internship at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital  (Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou HEGP AP-HP), one of the largest clinics in Paris.

This internship was made possible through close collaboration between the administration of the Heart Institute and the French government, and upon the invitation of Dr. Mykola Myroshnyk, co-founder of the French-Ukrainian School of Advanced Doppler Echocardiography. For 2 weeks, cardiologists and anesthesiologists had the opportunity to enhance their skills in transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography, receive training in intraoperative echocardiography, improve clinical approaches to patient care after cardiac surgeries, and explore modern scientific approaches to genetic diagnostics and counseling for patients with cardiomyopathies and genetically determined syndromes.

Our team was also presented with further directions for collaboration and scientific activities by leading professors and department heads at the hospital.

We express deep gratitude to the administration of the Heart Institute, the European Hospital Georges Pompidou, and Dr. Mykola Myroshnyk for providing this invaluable experience for the Ukrainian medical team. Let’s continue working and advancing modern Ukrainian medicine.

The Heart Institute team:

Artem Kipot, Anna Shkandala, Anna Melnyk, Anastasiia Kyryliuk, Iryna Miriniuk, Marina Rybakova.

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