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Visit to Poltava by Specialists of the Heart Institute


The other day, as part of the “Healthy Ukraine” program, the children’s team of doctors of the Institute of the Heart – the Head of the Children’s Cardiac Surgery Department, cardiac surgeon Vasyl Karpenko and the Head of the Polyclinic Department for Children, cardio rheumatologist Olena Dudko, held a consultation at the Poltava Regional Clinical Hospital named after M. Sklifosovsky.
60 children with congenital heart defects were examined. Recommendations for further observation and treatment are provided, and some children are referred for surgical correction.
Sincere thanks for the assistance in organizing the on-site consultation:
To Natalia Gurska – the Head of the Children’s Polyclinic, to Mykola Oksak – the Head Doctor of the  Poltava Regional Clinical Hospital.

The visit to Poltava had another important mission. Gavrylo Kovtun, Head of the Department of Surgical Treatment of Myocardial Pathology and Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues, and Mykhailo Zagrychuk, head of the Department of Kidney Transplantation and Hemodialysis of the Heart Institute, met with the staff of the Poltava Regional Clinical Hospital to discuss cooperation in transplantation. The potential and capabilities of the clinic were reviewed, the further steps were discussed.
We are always happy to help those who want to develop transplantology in their region, because the experience of our Institute is one of the most profound in the country!
We thank our colleagues for a fruitful meeting and looking forward to the remarkable results!

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