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Visit of Team of Doctors from the Heart Institute to City of Sumy


The team of doctors of the Heart Institute – adult and children’s brigades – Prof. Borys Todurov, Maksym Rotar, Vadym Sakalov, Oksana Ostrovska, Yevhenii Zhitynskyi, Olga Shpora – conducted regular patient consultations on the basis of the University Clinic and the Sumy Regional Clinical Cardiology Dispensary. Patients with coronary heart disease, congenital and acquired heart defects, complex heart rhythm disorders, and implanted pacemakers were invited to the consultation. A total of 105 patients were examined, of which 45 were children.

There was also a meeting between Prof. Borys Todurov and the leadership of the Sumy Regional Council – Regional Council Chairman Viktor Fedorchenko and regional council deputy Vira Lavryk, during which the opening of a branch of the Heart Institute on the basis of a cardiac dispensary was discussed.

“We have already obtained the permission from the Ministry of Health to open a branch of the Heart Institute in Sumy and have placed an order for equipment. Currently, a construction project is being developed in order to understand its cost. We are ready to prepare all the necessary specialists for the new cardiac center and will give the first impetus to the development of cardiac surgery. According to our most modest estimates, the need for heart operations for Sumy region residents is 1,000 per year. Now it is realistic to perform 500 operations. We already have the experience of performing three heart transplants on the basis of the Central City Hospital of Sumy. For now, we bring all the equipment with us,” Prof. Borys Todurov said.

With the best development of events, the construction of the branch will take 2 years, and very soon residents of the Sumy region will have the opportunity to receive timely qualified help for heart problems, from planned consultations to complex surgical interventions and transplants.

The city is in dire need of a cardiac surgery department, especially since the region has a very professional and specialized personnel potential. To date, three heart transplants have been successfully performed at the base of the city hospital by a team of Kyiv cardiac surgeons.

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