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Third Scientific-Practical Conference “Transplantation in Ukraine: from Dream to Reality”


The number of transplants in the world is growing, the number of such operations in Ukraine is already in the hundreds. Such statistics was voiced by the director of the Heart Institute Prof. Borys Todurov in his report at the 3rd scientific-practical conference “Transplantation in Ukraine: from dream to reality”. The purpose of the Conference was to promote the accessibility of transplantation to Ukrainians and to campaign for organ donation in society.

Of the 900,000 Ukrainians with severe heart failure, 500 need a heart transplant each year. 50 people are on the “waiting list” at the Heart Institute currently.

21 years ago, Borys Todurov became the first surgeon to perform a heart transplant in Ukraine, but up to 2019, there were no post-mortem transplants in Ukraine. And today, a heart transplant is a regular operation with innovative approaches and a new chance for patients to prolong their lives. In the last month alone, 3 heart transplants have been performed at the Heart Institute, one of which is a pediatric one, which has never been performed in Ukraine before.

Thanks to these professional activities and the awareness of colleagues about the possibilities of transplantation, the number of such operations will only increase.
And we are very proud of that.



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