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Third Heart Transplant at the Heart Institute



The whole team of the Heart Institute is excited – another heart transplant took place tonight, which was flawlessly performed by the team headed by Gavril Kovtun, Head of the Human Organ and Tissue Transplant Department of the Heart Institute, who stood next to Prof. Borys Todurov during the first successful heart transplant 16 years ago and on all subsequent ones.
Thanks to the transplant surgery, a new heart beats in the chest of 46-year-old Valentin from Kyiv.

For a long time the patient suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy. Therefore, without a transplant, his life was in great danger.
Many thanks to colleagues from “Kyiv City Clinical Hospital 1” and its director – Ivanko Alexander Viktorovich.
Special thanks to the donor family for allowing us to save another life. For them it was a very difficult and respectable act.
The history of Ukrainian transplantology is being written before our eyes and we wish all of us that this history will be long and successful.
Operational team:
Gavril Kovtun, Oleg Loskutov, Kvasha Alexander, Vladimir Kolesnikov Andrey Patola, Anton Shpachuk, Serhii Sudakevych, Anna Melnik, Alexander Revenko, Natalie Kopilchuk, Natalie Karpuk, Tatiana Makarenko, Volovnik Olga.

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