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The Donor’s Heart Traveled Over 300 km


This marks the seventh heart transplantation this year. This time, the donor’s heart came from Shepetivka, from a multifunctional city hospital.
For this transplantation, the donor’s heart traveled a distance of over 300 km, which our team covered in just under 4 hours. In a groundbreaking move for Ukraine, we implemented the new Stanford technique, allowing for extended preservation and transportation time for the donor organ. This, in turn, opens up new possibilities and increases chances for our patients’ survival. After all, one of the key criteria in organizing transplantation and matching donor-recipient pairs is their geographical proximity and the time it takes to overcome that distance for a successful transplant.

We are infinitely grateful to the donor’s family for this crucial decision and the chance at a second life.

To the patient, we wish strength and a smooth recovery. We will certainly share our collective successes!

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