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TAVI Procedure for a 77-Year-Old Patient with Critical Aortic Stenosis


Treating patients with complex heart valve conditions is always challenging and demanding in cardiovascular surgery. Recently, at the Heart Institute, we successfully treated a 77-year-old female patient who had critical aortic stenosis. What made her case unique was that she had previously undergone surgery for mitral insufficiency (with implantation of a mechanical prosthesis) and tricuspid valve repair using a ring, 10 years prior. Considering the high surgical risks associated with repeat interventions, our team of cardiothoracic surgeons decided to perform a minimally invasive procedure: transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI).

The procedure followed European guidelines and was performed under local anesthesia. We used the latest-generation Medtronic PRO+ valve, which includes an additional “skirt” and is specifically designed to reduce the risk of paravalvular leakage for high-risk patients.

The patient was discharged in good condition and without complications on the 5th day after the intervention.

The Heart Institute Team:

Andrii Khokhlov, Mykhailo Todurov, Mykola Stan, Mariia Sliubyk, Nataliia Ponich, Serhii Sudakevych, Liudmyla Omelchenko, Tetiana Kasapova.

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