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Ukrainian hospitals severely affected by power outages

Al Jazeera English
Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy grid have left millions in the dark and shivering in sub-zero temperatures. Hospitals are struggling to cope as civilian power systems continue to be attacked. Al Jazeera’s Rory Challands reports from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Inside Ukraine’s Blackouts: Fraught Operations, Candlelit Concerts, Anger With Russia

The Wall Street Journal
KYIV, Ukraine—Doctors were operating on Ksenia Maikan’s 14-year-old son at a hospital in the capital last week when she heard two explosions and saw the lights in the surgery room go out…

UKRAINE: Kiev Heart Center achieves UK’s QHA Trent accreditation

11 June 2015
Medical tourism news

The Kiev Heart Center, a leading cardiology hospital in Kiev has achieved QHA Trent accreditation.

Makeover or Internal Overhaul? Ukraine’s Medical Tourism Boom

22 March – 28 March №10 (2013)
Jared Morgan What’s on

The sound of a heart pumping blood is literally visceral, a constant, rhythmic “squelch”. We’re witnessing open-heart surgery, known as the most-invasive medical procedure a person can endure, in a state-of-the-art hospital in a city, in a country not commonly associated with quality health-care.

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