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Scientific and practical conference in Mariupol


On September 23, 2019, at the Mariupol State University, a scientific and practical conference “Modern methods of treatment of cardiovascular diseases” was held, which was attended by doctors and students of the medical community of the region.

The event was aimed at improving the qualification of cardiologists, informing specialists about topical issues in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, as well as strengthening the links between researchers and doctors.

The main speaker of the conference was the director of the Hear Institute, Professor Borys Todurov with a report “The latest technologies in cardiac surgery”.

Head of the Heart Rhythm Disorders Department, MD Alexander Grytsay, spoke about “Modern technologies in the treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders”.

Specialists from the Cardiovascular Center of Mariupol also made reports:

“Modern methods of treatment during acute myocardial infarction” – Head of the Department of Interventional Cardiology and Endovascular Surgery, S.V. Duran;

«Endovascular Interventions during the Impairment of the Lower Limb Arteries» – Doctor of the Department of Interventional Cardiology and Endovascular Surgery, Е.S. Orleanskiy.

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