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Reception of Small Patients in the Khmelnytskyi City Children’s Hospital


On October 25-27, the team of the Children’s Cardiosurgical Department of the Heart Institute received small patients at the Khmelnytskyi City Children’s Hospital.
During three days, almost seventy children applied for help. They all underwent a diagnostic examination by Olena Dudko, our ultrasound specialist, and cardiac surgeon Oleksandr Romaniuk, and received consultative assistance.
Oleksandr Romanyuk operated on two children at the City Children’s Hospital. They feel well and have already been discharged home.
Eleven children were recommended to have surgical treatment of congenital heart diseases at the Heart Institute, and some children requires a more extensive follow-up examination.
We are grateful to our colleagues for their cooperation: chief doctor Natalia Zymak-Zakutnia, medical director Kateryna Dem’yanyk, pediatric cardiologist Malvina Melnyk.

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