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Project “I Am a Living Person”


Recently, a presentation of the project “I Am a Living Person” took place in the hall of the Art Pier, Kyiv.

It was an unforgettable event in the life of each of the 35 participants, because the project helped to see themselves and their colleagues from the other side, made them closer to each other.

Ihor Mokryk, Head of the Department for Surgical Treatment of Acquired Heart Defects, told about the history of the creation and the people who took part in it.

“It all started a year ago when the Heart Institute just started accepting the first patients with COVID-19. Then the author of the project Olya Maryntseva and the volunteer organization  Thin White Line gave us a lot of anti-epidemic protection means for our staff. We used this protection during the first and second waves of COVID-19.

After that, Olya shared her dream with us. She wanted to tell everyone that doctors, medical workers, nurses, orderlies, although hidden by several layers of protection, are also Living People with human emotions, so they pass their work through the heart.

Then meetings, discussions began and a team was built. There were photo shoots, filming, edits, coordination. The project is moving forward with confidence and was recently presented, what we are very proud of.”

I Am a Living Person project team:
Olga Marintseva – the author;
Akhtem Seitablaev – creative patronage;
Lesya Yasnitskaya – photographer;
Inna Podlatova – make-up artist & stylist;
Sergey Klepach – operator & installation;
Bogdan Zhdanov -linear producer.

The Heart Institute thanks the team and everyone who helped make the dream come true!

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