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Professional seminar at the Department of Functional Diagnostics


On September 19, 2023, a professional seminar was held at the Heart Institute on the examination of the results of the dissertation work of Yaroslav Skibchyk, a postgraduate student of the Department of Functional Diagnostics of the Shupyk National Institute of Health of Ukraine, “Predictors of recovery and preservation of sinus rhythm in patients with long-term episodes of persistent non-valvular atrial fibrillation” (supervisor – Professor Oleg Zharinov). The meeting was chaired by the head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Professor Oleg Loskutov, with the involvement of scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Functional Diagnostics, Cardiac Surgery, X-ray Endovascular, and Extracorporeal Technologies, employees of the department’s clinical base – the Heart Institute.

The novelty of the dissertation research consisted in the study of a special category of patients with “late” persistent atrial fibrillation, for which the heart rate control strategy was mainly applied before. This category of patients is characterized by late seeking medical help and the formation of “tachycardiomyopathy”. The work substantiates the possibilities and advantages of the strategy of rhythm control by the method of electrical cardioversion, provided that prior medical therapy with anticoagulants, antiarrhythmic drugs, and medical correction of heart failure. In total, 179 patients were examined, of which 115 patients constituted the main group of patients with prolonged episodes of AF. Restoration of sinus rhythm was achieved in 51.3% of patients, and preservation of sinus rhythm during 6 months of prospective observation was registered in 54% of patients. The factors that predict the restoration and long-term preservation of the rhythm have been identified, and the possibility of reverse remodeling of the left heart in patients with sustained sinus rhythm has been shown. Based on the results of the work, the practical aspects of managing patients with episodes of atrial fibrillation lasting more than three months have been improved.

Based on the reviewers’ positive reviews and considering the scientific discussion results, the work was recommended for official defense in a one-time specialized scientific council.

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