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Ozaki Procedures in Tbilisi


The team of the Heart Institute (Lexo Bitsadze, Oleksandr Druzhina, Natalia Ponich-Gorobyevska, Mykola Goncharenko, Igor Kuzmich, Olena Savchenko), led by Director of the Heart Institute Borys Todurov, once again operated in Georgia, this time in Tbilisi. Two days later, in one of the largest centers of Tbilisi, along with their Georgian colleagues – Georg Kalandadze and Beka Ildani – three Ozaki procedures were performed which the Heart Institute has been practicing for 2 years. All procedures were successful, the patients are already in the ordinary wards.

Borys Todurov: “This weekend we spent in Tbilisi. We participated in three Ozaki procedure. We’ve got very good results and the best impressions from the work of our Georgian colleagues. Their clinic is excellent and, as always, everyone is delighted with the traditional Georgian hospitality. Our cooperation lasts for 7 years, starting with the city of Batumi, for mutual satisfaction. “


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