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Internship of Heart Institute Doctors in Leading Cardiovascular Clinics in Canada and the USA


Recently, doctors from the Heart Institute — Mykhailo Todurov, Ihor Stetsiuk, and Liubov Stetsiuk — completed internships in leading cardiovascular clinics in Canada and the USA.

At the largest cardiac hospital in Canada, the Toronto General Hospital (Peter Munk Cardiac Center), they honed their skills in minimally invasive heart surgery and complex aortic reconstructions. Their training was conducted under the guidance of the legendary cardiac surgeon, Dr. Tyrone David, who, at the age of 79, continues to perform surgeries.

In the American clinic Cedars-Sinai, our doctors mastered robotic surgery using the Da Vinci system and performed revision surgeries. Their mentor was the brilliant Dr. Joanna Chikwe.

The knowledge and experience gained will empower our experts to save even more lives in Ukraine.

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