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Internship at the Heart Institute 2018


30 best students of senior courses and interns from 15 medical universities of Ukraine were trained at the Heart Institute. This is a joint project of the Heart Institute with UAMED (NGO “Ukrainian Association of Specialists in the Development of Medical Education”), which is held for the third year in a row.

Participants of internships took part in operations and got experience of practical work in different departments of the clinic.

Upon completion of the internship, Borys Todurov, director of the Heart Institute, presented the participants with the certificates of internship passing.

According to the participants, everyone received an invaluable experience and expressed great gratitude to Boyis Todurov, the project organizers, to all the doctors who shared their experience:

Vitaliy Rusakov:

“It was very honorable to attend and assist in the operations of the coryphaeus of cardiac surgery, the director of the Heart Institute and just a wonderful person – Borys Todurov, to observe his skills, filigree and routine work.

The atmosphere in which we worked was an inexpressible. The Institute is equipped with modern medical equipment, the team is well-coordinated, it works as a single mechanism, saving lives of people every day. We got a lot of emotions from what we’ve seen, it was breathtaking.

Thanks to Borys Todurov for the example and dream fulfillment, to the whole staff of the Heart Institute for their kindness and our training (special thanks to Sergey Sheludko and Alexander Kvasha), UAMED for the opportunity to undergo internships in a modern clinic of worldwide class. ”

Ilya Leoshko:

“We saw an exemplary medical treatment in Ukraine! Each of us was inspired by the atmosphere of mutual respect that prevails in the Institute, the order that should be in every medical institution in the country, and, most importantly, in relation to patients …

And all this becomes possible thanks to the ingenious person, Director of the Institute Borys Todurov, who shows by his own example how patients should be treated, how young doctors should be taught how to organize clinical work and, most importantly, how to build a World-class Institute in Ukraine!”

The selection of participants took place on the basis of the test results and evaluation of the questionnaire and the motivational letter. The system of tests was developed by experts of the Heart Institute.

The internship was completely free for each participant.

The project continued due to the organizational support from the charity fund “Heart on the palm” and the pharmaceutical company “Sanofi”.


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