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Hemoimmunosorption is a method of efferent therapy aimed at removing pro – inflammatory cytokines from the blood-IL-1 α, IL-1β, IL-2, IL-6 and TNF α, by contact of blood with the sorbent outside the body, as well as at correcting hemostasis.

Peripheral venous vascular access was used for the procedure. A 200 ml DNA-containing hemosorbent with a pronounced affinity for human Ig, interleukin, pro-inflammatory cytokines, and tumor necrosis factor α was used.

The procedure time depends on the blood flow rate in the extracorporeal circuit (20-45 mL/min) and the patient’s BCC and an average of 120-180 minutes. The procedure is considered successful if at least one BCC of the patient has been in contact with the hemosorbent.


Fig.1 Scheme of the extracorporeal circuit during hemoimmunosorption

After undergoing complex therapy, all patients noted an improvement in general well-being, the disappearance of shortness of breath, edema, increased tolerance to physical exertion, and an improvement in the quality of life, which indicated that their functional state improved by at least one NYHA class.

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