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Helicopter with a patient lands on the roof of the Heart Institute for the first time


The helicopter of the State Emergency Service with the patient on board has landed on the roof of the Heart Institute for the first time in 10 years.
8-year-old Polina from Mariupol needed urgent help. Despite the disappointing forecasts of local doctors who warned that a child might not survive a long journey to Kiev, a decision was made to transport her with the help of aviation. Therefore, as soon as the state of the girl managed to stabilize, the helicopter of the Emergency Service immediately departed from Mariupol.

Boris Todurov, director of the Heart Institute, personally met the patient and stressed that for the first time in ten years a helicopter with the patient on board had landed on the landing site. He thanked the crew of the State Emergency Service for assistance in the transportation of the girl.
“It takes a lot of time to transport seriously ill patients by ground transport to the Institute. Thanks to the ability to use aviation and thanks to the fact that there is such aircraft in Ukraine, we can save many lives for which time is of decisive importance,” said Boris Todurov.
Now the condition of the girl is heavy and she is in a coma. It is too early to predict how her fate will turn out.
“However, the fact that after ten years it has finally been possible to change the way patients are transported to the Heart Institute in Kiev with help of aviation makes it possible for doctors to save more lives, “- said the Ministry of the Emergency Situations.

Сегодня впервые за всю историю Украинской медицины санитарный вертолет с пациентом сел на крышу Института Сердца. В спасении 8-ми летней девочки участвуют множество людей и организаций. Так и должно быть, государство должно обеспечить медицинскую помощь любому пациенту не смотря на расходы. Экономия средств, о которой в последнее время так много говорят, никогда не позволит развивать современную высокотехнологичную медицину. Спасибо всем, кто принял участие в сегодняшнем перелете.

Posted by Борис Тодуров Официальная страница on Sonntag, 17. September 2017

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