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Heart and Lung Transplant in Lviv


Unity is a special feature of Ukrainians. Unity makes us strong and invincible. When the legendary figures of Ukrainian medicine unite, there is no chance for any medical verdict
Humanity and dedication to one’s work have no limits and borders, and the constant fruitful work with colleagues from Lviv clearly confirms that. The team of the Heart Institute urgently left for Lviv to perform a heart transplant, while colleagues from Lviv performed lung transplantation from a posthumous donor. By the way, Lviv doctors performed this operation for the first time without the help of foreign colleagues, the first time not only for them but also for Ukraine.

“A well-known person, an authoritative doctor, the director of the Institute, the one to whom thousands of people owe their lives, a teacher, a mentor… You can list for a long time who Prof. Borys Todurov is.
Having built a reputation and a name for himself, having proved everything to everyone a long time ago, Prof. Borys Todurov is still ready to travel across half the country to support his colleagues and help patients.
We really appreciate it! But for me and for our team, he will always be a person who never gives up!”, says Oleg Samchuk, Head Doctor of the First Medical Association of Lviv.
This is a story of true respect, mutual help and friendly support, and we hope that we will see more than one similar example in the future.

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