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For Two Days, Specialists from the Heart Institute Examined 81 patients in Nova Kakhovka


On March 14-15, 2019, cardiac Surgeons of the Heart Institute Nazar Ozeriansky, Vadim Sakalov, Cardiologist Sergey Demidyuk, and Ultrasonography specialist Dmytro Garbuz worked at the Nova Kakhovka City Polyclinic and examined 81 patients, including 16 children.
All adult patients took Ultrasonography, as a result, 62 cases requiring cardiac surgery were discovered, in 35 cases of emergency stenocardia treatment was needed, and 14 cases required surgical treatment of valve pathology.
Ultrasonography has been conducted for 12 children, of which 8 required surgical treatment, and three more patients needed to be examined in a hospital setting.
Cardiac surgeon of the Heart Institute Nazar Ozeriansky met his former patients in New Kakhovka, in particular, a little Vova Lartsov, who had cardiac surgery in Kyiv 3 years ago.
A free examination of Nova Kakhovka’s cardiac patients was conducted under the program “Healthy Nation”, with the support of People’s Deputy Ivan Vinnik.

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