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February 24, 2022. The beginning of the War. The Heart Institute Is Ready to Receive the Wounded


Since the beginning of the Russian aggression on February 24, 2022, the Heart Institute continues its work. Our clinic was one of the first to take over the medical front in Ukraine.

Immediately after the first explosions in Kyiv, the Institute’s team was fully operational and ready to receive not only cardiac patients, but also wounded and injured military servicemen and civilians.

When there is an air alarm, the clinic staff acts in a coordinated manner – we urgently transfer patients to the bomb shelter, except for critically ill patients who remain in intensive care 24/7 under the close supervision of specialists. This is currently part of our work.

Blood reserves are created for all blood groups. However, we are forming a list of donors in case the situation worsens.

Doctors, nurses, orderlies, engineers and technicians are all united by a common calamity. Each of us keeps defending our country at work.

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