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Children’s Specialists of the Heart Institute Examined patients in Chernivtsi


The trip of the team of the Heart Institute – pediatric cardiorheumatologist, ultrasound specialist Tetyana Bilyk, and cardiac surgeon Vadym Sakalov – to Chernivtsi was highly fruitful.
The team examined about thirty children on the basis of the Chernivtsi Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.

Most of the children had serious cardiac problems, including congenital heart defects. Babies born prematurely and patients of a cardiology hospital were also examined, among whom one child was a pupil of an orphanage.
Several children were invited to our clinic for operative treatment.
We thank Oleksandr Teslitsky, medical director of the Chernivtsi Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, and Iryna Simak, expert of the Health Care Department in Pediatric Cardiorheumatology for their cooperation.

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