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Businessman from Mariupol Financed Purchase of Medical Equipment for the Heart Institute for More Than 2 Million UAH


On March 20, 2019, at the Heart Institute, “Heart on a Palm” Charitable Foundation solemnly transferred medical equipment worth over 2 million UAH to the Heart Institute’s Departments, due to the support of a benefactor with great heart from Mariupol, businessman Mykola Budyka, who funded the purchase of equipment.

The transferred equipment includes a portable color digital diagnostic apparatus for ultrasound research, which is highly needed for the implementation of the project “Outbound Cardiac Diagnostic Aid”, for mobile cardiac surgery and diagnostic brigades of the Heart Institute. For over 11 years, the mobile teams of specialists from the Heart Institute have been traveling to different regions of Ukraine for the purpose of prevention, qualitative diagnosis, and detection of cardiovascular and cardiosurgical diseases of Ukrainian patients. Particular attention is paid to the inhabitants of the counter-terrorist operation’s area and the adjacent territories, where there is often no cardio-surgical help at all.

The surgical battery-electric motor system was also transferred to the Institute, that is very much needed in the operating units for surgical intervention in the open heart.

The list of equipment also includes electrocardiographs for the children’s and adult polyclinics.

The new equipment will be highly useful for the small patients of the Institute, actually, their needs inspired Mykola Budyka for an outstanding charitable act. Patients and doctors of the Heart Institute are sincerely grateful to him for such an important help!

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