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Borys and Ivan Todurovs conducted a unique operation at the Heart Institute


May 25, 2017, a unique operation was carried out jointly by specialists from the Heart Institute headed by Professor Borys Todurov and specialists of the Shalimov Institute headed by Professor Ivan Todurov.

The patient, who simultaneously had two extremely severe pathologies, critical aortic valve stenosis and gastric adenocarcinoma, was denied surgery at all treatment sites, since the presence of one of the pathologies precluded the possibility of surgical treatment of the other and vice versa. In addition, valve replacement necessitated the continued use of anticoagulants that would cause a high risk of bleeding from the surface of the adenocarcinoma. In connection with this, it was decided to perform Ozaki’s operation (valve prosthesis made from the patient’s own tissue of the pericardium) and simultaneously – gastrectomy. For about 9 hours, two teams of doctors were performing super complicated interventions. On the third day after the surgery, the patient was already transferred from the intensive care unit to the ward, and a month later, on June 23, he was discharged home in excellent spirits and ready for the next accomplishments!

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