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Borys Todurov Participated in the Opening of the Center for Veterans and Their Families


On September 14, 2019, the first in Ukraine Clincs Hub’s medical center for primary care of veterans and their families was opened in Borodyanka, Kyiv Region.

Clinics Hub’s centers’ uniqueness lies in patients’ access to distant consultations with doctors from leading clinics of Ukraine, Israel, and Canada using state-of-the-art communication technologies from Vodafone Ukraine.

Cardiovascular diseases rank first in Ukraine in terms of mortality, that is why the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine under the guidance of world-class cardiac surgeon Professor Borys Todurov became the first partner of the center. Professor Todurov participated in the opening of the Center, and then, together with colleagues – doctors of the Heart Institute (Olga Yepanchintseva, Natalia Ponich-Horobievskaya) personally conducted reception of patients of the Center on the day of its opening. More than 40 veterans and their families were surveyed.

Further consultations with the Institute’s cardiologists will be provided remotely. Patients will not need to look for a specialist and to spend their time and money on the trip to Kyiv, it is enough to visit a family doctor and undergo an initial examination. Only if additional examination or inpatient treatment is validated, the patient will be referred to a specialized medical institution.

Together with the specialists of the Heart Institute, the Chief Doctor of Borodyansky Central District Hospital, Igor Chebyshev conducted reception of the patients as well. Doctor Chebyshev managed the Starobeshevsky District Hospital and rescued the servicemen wounded during the Ilovaysk encirclement. The opening of a medical center for veterans and their families in Borodyanka was made possible thanks to the active life position of Doctor Chebyshev, his understanding of the problems and needs of the veterans.

The opening of the medical center was also supported by the lieutenant colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a participant in the fighting in the East of Ukraine, commander of the 90th airborne assault battalion, defender of the Donetsk airport, Vitaliy Baranov. As he said, “This Center is especially needed now, especially for those who return home from combat. As a result of stress experienced, the servicemen, as well as their families, are especially often confronted with heart problems that require urgent care. ”

“The medical center is focused primarily on veterans and their families. This is our way of saying “thank you” to our defenders. We start with the cardiac direction, then expand the spectrum of directions, create a social telemedicine network and open a representative office in each regional center, “- said Clinics Hub project founder Konstantin Osadchy.

“Vodafone is involved in medical projects not occasionally but because the essence of these projects lies in the use of state-of-the-art technologies that allow doctors to consult patients remotely. Our goal is to make, through the use of modern communication technologies, it so that it wouldn’t matter to the patient whether to go to a district hospital or a specialized institute, in any case, help would be rendered quickly and skillfully”, added Director of Public Relations of Vodafone Ukraine Victoria Ruban.

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