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A cooperation agreement between republican university clinic (Crimea) and Kyiv Heart Center has been signed


April 24, 2013, Simferopol.
Between KRA KTMO “University Hospital” led by director Peter Mihalchevsky and KMKL “Kyiv City Heart Center” led by director Mr Boris Todurov was signed a cooperation agreement.
The signing took place last week in Kiev.

Under the cooperation agreement: experts from Kyiv City Heart Center will provide ongoing organizational support to the University Medical Clinic. Specifically were planned: consultations by leading specialists for patients with congenital and acquired heart diseases, specialists visits for emergency surgical treatment. In addition, the work will be organized to improve the skills of the staff KRU ” KTMO ” University Hospital “with lectures and seminars, research, and trainings.

“Undoubtedly, this is a big step towards a long and useful cooperation, which will not only improve the quality of care, but also provide a valuable exchange of experience” – said the director of KRU KTMO “University Hospital” Peter Mihalchevskyy.

On March 31, 2013 at the Perinatal Center KRU KTMO “University Hospital” surgeons from Kyiv City Heart Center have performed three surgeries on the open ductus arteriosus ligation in neonates. The operations were successful, now all three young patients are preparing for going home

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