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Working Visit to Washington of Transplantologist Mykhailo Zaigriichuk


We are pleased to announce another achievement of the Heart Institute.
Our leading surgeon, kidney transplantologist Mikhail Zagriichuk, as part of a working visit to Washington, USA, held a meeting with transplant colleagues in one of the best transplant centers in the world, the Mayo Clinic.
The purpose of this meeting was to establish cooperation between Ukrainian and American doctors for the further development of transplantology in our country.

The level of professionalism of American transplant surgeons is fascinating and impressive, and we consider it a great achievement to have the opportunity to learn and gain experience from the best! The future collaboration will be a powerful step for the development of the field of transplantology, and we are sure that many lives will be saved as a result.
We are very grateful to the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA and personally to Ambassador Oksana Markarova for the assistance during the visit.
We continue working on the medical front for a healthy future for the citizens of our country.

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