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Volunteer Trip to the East of Ukraine


Another volunteer trip to the East of Ukraine took place with the NGO “Zolotonosha Coordination Committee for the Support of the Defense of Ukraine”.
We would like to thank Prof. Borys Todurov and colleagues at the Heart Institute – Yuriy Kharenko, Halyna Chernegova, Olena Romanovska – Family Medical Center Olvytsia, and everyone who always helps in the purchase of necessary items and medicines for our Army.
One of the points of the trip was the city of Bakhmut, but at the moment, civilians are not allowed visiting it due to active hostilities.
However, there was a pleasant meeting with the soldiers from the famous 95th Brigade.

326th day of war…
Today, each of us is a residential building in the Dnipro with a hole in our heart. Yesterday’s tragic news motivates us even more to donate, work and help our guys to speed up the victory.

Unity is our strength!
Glory to the heroes! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

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