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Visiting Consultation of Specialists of the Heart Institute in Zarichne, Rivne Region


Recently, an on-site consultation from the Heart Institute’s specialists took place in Zarichne, Rivne region, which is only 5 km from the border with Belarus.
Doctors of the Heart Institute – head of the Department of Acquired Heart Defects, Cardiac Surgeon Ihor Mokryk, Cardiac Surgeon Ihor Stetsyuk, Cardiologist Specialist in Ultrasound Diagnostics Ihor Lishchuk provided consultation to specialized patients with coronary heart disease, valvular pathology, and postoperative patients.
The examination took place on the basis of the Zarichne Multidisciplinary Hospital.

Sincere thanks to the director of the hospital Oleg Mitityuk and cardiologist Eduard Ushko for the assistance in organizing the on-site consultation.

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