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Visit of specialists of the Heart Institute to Rivne


December 6, 2019, a visiting team of specialists of the Heart Institute worked at the Rivne V. Polishchuk Regional Clinical Medical Diagnostic Center.

Patients from the Rivne region with cardiovascular diseases were examined by the head of the Department for treatment of coronary heart disease, cardiac surgeon of the highest qualification category, Honored Doctor of Ukraine Viktor Shevchenko, echocardiography doctor Iryna Mudryk, pediatric cardiac surgeon Vasyl Karpenko, pediatric cardiologist Natalia Ruban. Specialists from Kyiv examined and consulted 115 patients, 55 of them were children.

The cooperation of the Heart Institute and the Rivne Diagnostic Center has been going on for almost four years. For an appointment, patients can contact cardiologists (adult, pediatric) of the diagnostic center or the Rivne branch of the Heart Institute.

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